#Blockupy 2013: Police Brutality in #Frankfurt – An Eyewitness Account

So erlebte @enough14 Blockupy 2013 im Kessel… (auf Englisch)

Enough is Enough!

In 2012 the city of Frankfurt banned all actions, demos and even cultural events like concerts of the blockupy coalition that wanted to organize protests against austerity and capitalism in the financial heart of Europe: Frankfurt. In the end one demo was allowed after courts overruled the city of Frankfurt and could take place. In the months after the 2012 days of action several courts decided that the ban on most of the actions were unlawful. The wave of bans was a new weapon of the state against its own people that never was been used before on this large scale.

This year Blockupy Frankfurt started with a succesful first day of action on Friday May 31. More than two thousand people protested against austerity and capitalism with blockades at the European Central Bank (ECB), Deutsche Bank and actions against several other targets like for instance Frankfurt airport where deportations…

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